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Highly Integrated Machine Vision Controller

sEM5216 / sEM5218 / sEM7216 / sEM7218 / sEM7536 / sBOX9612 / sBOX9614 / sBOX9664 / PE3504......

Edge AI Computing Platform, supporting High-End Graphic Card
sEM7418 / sEM7536 / sEM7576

Factory Automation

ST318 / ST312 / ST319 / ST325 / STM741 / STM543......

Compact Fanless System with 8th/9th-Gen. Intel® Core i7/i5/i3 Processors and supports Max. 5GLAN & 6COM
sEM5328 (9th/8th Gen) has 3 expansion slot, which support 3 * PCIex16,. And it is designed for the simple machine vision.
WORKSTATION CHASSIS which support the various server / workstation motherboard, and it is designed for the high-performance machine vision.

Rugged Embedded     |     Machine Vision     |     Edge AI    |      Factory Automation     |   Intel® 8th/9th-Gen

PICMG1.3 Half-Size CPU Card
SHB510 is PICMG1.3 half-size CPU card, which speically is designed with additional x8 lane....
Micro ATX Motherboard
SMB581 is H310 micro ATX motherboard , which support 1xPCIex16, 1PCIex4, and 2PCI....
Mini-ITX Motherboard
SMB383 is Q370 mini ITX motherboard, which ideal for a multitude of applications including industrial control and automation .....
4-Slot Fanless Box PC
sBOX9664 supports Intel® H110 6th/7th-Gen Core i7/i5/i3 CPU, 1PCIex16/1PCIex4/2PCI, 2GLAN, 4COM, 8USB
Fanless Box PC
sBOX9614 supports Intel® H110 6th/7th-Gen Core i7/i5/i3 CPU, 2-slot expansion, 2GLAN, 6COM, 7USB
mATX Wallmount Chassis
STM543 supports mATX motherboard, 1x3.5" drive bay, which can install HDD-rack.....
Mini-ITX Embedded Chassis
STM213 is very tiny chasis for Mini-ITX motherboard, also support 1-expansion slot, 2x2.5"HDD bay....
Tiny / DC-Input Box PC
sEM5216 : Intel® H110 6th/7th-Gen Core i7/i5/i3 2-slot industrial box PC with VGA, DVI-D, HDMI, DP, 2USB2.0, 4USB4.0
ATX Wallmount Chassis
ST318 supports ATX/mATX motheboard, 3x5.25 drive bay, PS/2 power supply, easy-to-use top cover...
Riser Card
SIT provides a variety of riser cards, PCI to PCI riser card, PCIe to PCI riser card, PCIe to PCIe riser card...
Frame Grabber Card
PE3504 is PCIex4 PoE card, which  supports server-grade I350...
ATX Motherboard
SMB786 is Q370 ATX motherboard, which speically is designed for machine vision, AI ....
Expandable / Fan-based Box PC
sEM5216 : Intel® H110 6th/7th-Gen Core i7/i5/i3 2-slot industrial box PC with VGA, DVI-D, HDMI, DP, 2USB2.0, 4USB4.0
Rackmount Chassis
ST2202 support ATX/mATX motherboard, 2x5.25" drive bay, and can expand 3-slots-3PCI/3PCIex4...
PICMG1.3 Half-Size Backplane
The backplane can support full x4 lane for each x4 slot, in combining with SHB510Q....
10F-2, No.224, Xinshu Rd., Xinzhuang Dist.,
New Taipei City, 242, Taiwan
(+886) 2-2207-1683
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